Welcome to the page. Glad you are here!

This is the start of an explorative journey for myself and for maybe some of you reading this blog.

The purpose of this blog is to rediscover some of my humanness in relating to finding authenticity, feeling emotions, sitting in pain, navigating motherhood, dealing with mood swings, letting go of bullshit, embracing family relationships, balancing worklife and so many more through a sober lens. I started my wonderful alcohol free journey 5 years ago and living a healthier and more aware life because of it today.

After 5 years of living with no booze, it has been an interesting and a somewhat confusing experience as I reorient myself back to my feelings and actually experience feeling them again. Ditching alcohol for 5 years has brought up many nuanced topics for myself, which I will explore in the blog. Some of which include, how my identity changed over time with the loss of alcohol, changes in how I was perceived by others, my social circle and myself. I continue to learn how to celebrate without booze and grasp a new understanding of being in the moment. Not reaching for alcohol to celebrate, cope or numb is a journey back to the basics of feeling every emotion in every life situation. It is hard but worth every moment. 

I have been living day to day aware and sober and piecing together my experience in my own head. Today, I feel like I need to organize some of these thoughts for myself and for anyone else embarking on a substance free journey without the guidance of a formal twelve step program or substance abuse therapy. This blog isn’t a guide to quitting drinking and does not provide any medical advice for substance abuse, it is simply my journey back to myself and a new appreciation for life. 

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